Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Avantis Asset Management Success Story eBook from Schneider Electric

Our new customer success story eBook on Asset Management is now out and available. Please download your free copy from the Avantis website.
One of the featured customer success stories is about NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports. Find out what helped Jeff Gordon become the first five-time NASCAR winner at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last Sunday!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Collect, Analyze & Act with Avantis Condition Manager + Whitepaper/Driving Maximum Value from Assets

Take a look at the Avantis Workforce Enablement page today - See how Condition Manager can help you collect raw data in real-time, analyze pending equipment failures on the spot and act with informed contextual information. Condition Manager collects information from any asset and drives maintenance workflow in any asset management system. This powerful combination is designed to improve maintenance, operations and performance.

Download the Whitepaper - Driving Maximum Value from Assets 
by Dr. Peter Martin, PhD, Vice President and Fellow, Schneider Electric

Don't Miss Out - Sign up now for Avantis.PRO & Crystal Reports Training (September 2014 - January 2015)

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      We also offer On-Site Training and  Customized Training Materials.
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For more information, visit our website and learn more about Avantis Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution and our Extension Offerings.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Announcing the release of Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector 2014

Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector (MRC) 2014 – is now available for download on the site

What is it?
Wonderware SmartGlance delivers real-time plant data to the mobile workforce via simple reports, analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to phones and tablets.
Why is this important?
The SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector provides data connectivity to Process Historians (including native support for the Wonderware Historian) in addition to one or more SQL data sources. It is complemented by the Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile App available on all major mobile operating systems. The Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile App is available as a native mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8, and also Windows 8 for desktop (Modern App).
 What is new?
  • Simplified and faster SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector 2014 (v1.3) installer with fewer clicks;
  • SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector is now fully supported on Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, and 8.1 Operating Systems;
  • Support for multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome – including the most recent releases of those browsers;
  • Ability to add and edit data providers of type Wonderware Historian v11.5 (Historian 2014) and also configure reports against the Wonderware Historian v11.5;
  • Support for negative numbers and digits up to 8 characters in iButton color expression.
  • Extended Import and Export of Multiple reports;
  • New user interface design for better usability experience, ease of use, and better accessibility;
  • Ability to use an alternate credential for the SQL Server 2012 and Historian Data Provider Type;
  • Ability to select additional Date/Time formats in reports when adding/updating;
  • Report deletion and modifications are persisted to the SmartGlance Server – eliminating orphan reports;
  • Vijeo Citect SCADA connector

To learn more, visit our website.

You can also view these YouTube videos for a quick overview and install instructions:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

IntelaTrac 4.3 SP2 is Now Available for download!

The latest release offers new features that include:
  • Asset Inheritance - child nodes can be set to inherit their parent's assigned asset in Procedure Builder;
  • Internet Explorer 9 supported for web reports;
  • Additional operating systems supported - Windows Server 2012R2, SQL Server 2008R2 and SQL Server 2012;
  • New Device/Peripheral supported - Cyclops 100B/390B temperature guns with the Intermec CN70.
Wonderware IntelaTrac is the industry-leading mobile workforce and decision support system. IntelaTrac includes configurable software and ruggedized mobile hardware solutions that enable workflow, data collection and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance applications.
Our Technical Support team is always available to answer any questions you may have.
Customers can download the latest release from WDN.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

See what our Avantis customers had to say in 2013 - Sign up today for the 2014 Software Users Group!

See what our 2013 Avantis customers had to say 
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