Friday, October 17, 2014

Announcing the release of Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector 2014 R2

Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector (MRC) 2014 R2 – is now available for download on the site.

What is it?
Wonderware SmartGlance delivers real-time plant data to the mobile workforce via simple reports, analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to phones and tablets.
Why is this important?              
The SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector provides data connectivity to Process Historians (including native support for the Wonderware Historian) in addition to one or more SQL data sources. It is complemented by the Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile App available on all major mobile operating systems. The Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile App is available as a native mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8, and also Windows 8 for desktop (Modern App).
What is new?
The Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector 2014 R2 offers the following new features
1.     Personalized and Proactive push notifications (MyAlerts) for Apple iPhone and Google Android mobile devices.
2.     You can now auto acquire the Data Transfer ID without having to wait for someone to send it to you
3.     Configurable Windows Service Port Numbers that bring greater product flexibility and compatibility with other products
4.     Support for multiple time zones so that  customers can now review their data based on their current location and time zone
5.     Custom Data Provider Import capability which enables greater extensibility for third-party data sources
a.     Including Citect SCADA HMI, OPC-HDA and others
6.     Automate the installation of SmartGlance MRC
7.     Quickly import and export users and reports
8.     Choose between 2 to 6 decimal places for your Historian tags
9.     Ability to do an in-place upgrade of a Historian Data Provider so that all reports can be seamlessly migrated to a upgraded Historian.
10.   You can see the list of records uploading live as they are happening. Similar to a progress bar
11.   Support for groups in Active Directory Mode to be used with an On-Premises SmartGlance Server

Check out the new service now available - where you can check the status of our managed service at any time OR you can subscribe to email alerts, from this site, to be notified of any service changes.

You can also view these YouTube videos for a quick overview and install instructions:
To learn more, visit our website.

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