Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wonderware Office Bundle by Schneider Electric - Real-time visibility into Operations

With native connectivity to both your plant floor and business applications, Wonderware Office Bundle provides insight into the conditions, alarms, and events that tell you whether things are going right, or wrong.

No IT support is required to bring you KPIs and status reports, fed directly from your process. Whether you choose to view on your PC, or access via a mobile device, there’s no guessing, no waiting for batch reports to be run, or only receiving daily reports that may not reflect the current state of your plant.
The new Wonderware Office Bundle from Schneider Electric Software streamlines the ability to access and interpret operations data, bringing “big data” benefits to a new set of users. The solution’s easy installation and native connectivity to plant floor and business applications enable management to easily create Key Performance Indicators by visualizing and analyzing data in near real time from a wide array of devices and sources.
Wonderware Office Bundle helps plant managers and executives make better informed business decisions using easy, on demand access to Historian data and analytics. It consists of:
The Wonderware Office Bundle is a limited time offer until December 31, 2015. For more information, visit

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